Art of Courage

Film and exhibition about hope in the face of unyielding repression

Art of Courage

When Art And Spiritual Pursuit Face A Human Rights Tragedy.

China outlawed a popular spiritual practice in 1999 resulting in stigma, mass arrests, and torture nationwide. Led by one such victim—a group of artists now living overseas, use art as a tool for change. Launching an art exhibition illustrating the unheard personal experiences of those inflicted by tragedy and the transformative power of the faith that brought them all together.

Art of Courage is a moving and intimate journey into the life of these collective artists, as their exhibition goes on to tour internationally, inspiring hope for humanity.

The identity was created for the film title, printed materials, and website. The exhibition touring in Europe and filmed in some iconic places such as the Duomo di Firenze, served as the inspiration for design elements like the colour palette, typography, and layouts. Harmonious spacing, symmetric proportions, and purposeful use of negative space were characteristics borrowed from the Renaissance—a period that was also the main influence for the artists behind the Zhen Shan Ren Art Exhibition and the filmmakers of Art of Courage.

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