Finding Manny

An empoweing story of optimism through the darkest of moments

Finding Manny

Visual Language

Manny’s story is uplifting and inspiring. The established brand elements are bold yet approachable. Typeface pairing evokes the same time period (1945) while layout and motion emphasizes in depth and a sense of exploration. Colour palette consists of low saturated warm tones to express emotional connection.

“The branding was able to encompass the tone and effectively communicate the thematic elements of the film.”

—Kacey Cox, Film Director

Poster & Key Art

A young Manny is seen behind an older Manny indicating an intimate story of personal development—a look at past and present. A smile on their faces and a warm inner glow unites them to represent Manny’s unwavering optimism and strong will standing across time. The poster seeks to capture the essence of the film in the simplest form.

“The film is listed in our distributor's catalogue. When a large US public broadcaster was browsing for new titles to consider, they picked ‘Finding Manny’ amongst over 200 other films. When asked why they choose that one, they responded that the key art stood out from all the rest.”

—Long Trek Productions

Digital Media Property

An interactive site that expands Manny’s story in a narrative way. Horizontal scrolling with parallax elements provides depth and encourages exploration. Users will find videos and information regarding the topics and the visited places in the film. As a self reflection exercise, at the end of each section they will be presented with a related question.

Film Website

Website features details of the film such as the goal and the purpose behind it. Users can also donate to help the cause.

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