Finding Manny

An empoweing story of optimism through the darkest of moments

Finding Manny

A documentary inspired by the book ‘Carved in Stone’ — a personal memoir of Holocaust survivor Manny Drukier.

Having narrowly escaped the war by jumping from a Nazi death train at age 16, Manny found refuge at a home for orphans and displaced children. 71 years later, he returns to the orphanage, which has since become a grade school, to share his story with the next generation. Manny must now revisit the places of his darkest memories, to reconcile the past and educate the future.

By sharing Manny’s story and its powerful theme of optimism, the filmmakers’ purpose is to make “never again” have meaning for the next generation, getting the film in schools and community organizations.

“The branding was able to encompass the tone and effectively communicate the thematic elements of the film.”

—Kacey Cox, Film Director

Consistency and continuity were important for designing the key art, the website, and the digital media property for Finding Manny. Therefore, a brand system that visually represented the film was developed through close collaboration with the producers and the director.

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